Dominika Sadowska

Exhibition view

opening: 20 June 2018, 8 pm
until: 20 July 2018
curator: Magda Milewska

Punkt Odbioru Sztuki
Struga 90, Lodz

An event accompanying the 17th edition of the International Festival of Photography in Łódź - Fotofestiwal 2018

The artist, who locked herself in a space of a few dozen square metres located several metres underground and reacted to its specificity by photographing it, discusses the issue of the nature of space designed for the presentation of art and of artistic activities.

Three series of works created for the exhibition The Exhibition View (2018) constitute an inseparable set, referring to the space in Lodz currently hosting the gallery Punkt Odbioru Sztuki. I provided a photographic response to the specificity of the gallery, whose basement nature is very strongly visible (protruding sewage pipes and other construction elements compete with exhibits due to their sheer presence, their number and their size).
I used photographic documentation of the space as creative material.
I cleaned the space using digital tools to adapt it to the white cube gallery standards and therefore commenting upon the issue of nature of the space designed for presentation of art and artistic activities (the work Gallery Space).The cleared views of space were presented in the form of printouts, placed in the previously photographed places.
In the next series of works (Conceptual Sketches), I treated the photographed fragments of sewage installations like virtual sculptures-I conducted digital processing, changing and forming them as if they were three-dimensional objects, but leaving them in the form of photographic printouts. The third part of the exhibition comprised repeated documentation of gallery space, with the exhibits already hanging on the walls, and repeated cleaning of the gallery space in that documentation, together with slight manipulations with the size of the exhibited works (Exhibition View (the video above)). The views in this documentation, presented in the form of a slide show, clashed with the real exhibition.

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