Tunnel is the passage you are looking for in an attempt to experience simultaneity.

Tunnel is a passage filled with a vacuum, with the entrance of the size of a human body.

It could lead underneath the city, but it takes the nature of a disembodied strand that carries your thoughts a block away.

The Tunnel (A) and Tunnel (B) exhibitions connected two points on the map of Lodz - corner properties closing the popular woonerfs in Lodz - the streets: 6 Sierpnia and Traugutta.
Buildings, seemingly having little in common, functioned in a secret relationship.
Exhibitions were held within the program of Fotofestiwal in Lodz as the project called Ko#Lekcje.

Guest: Karol Stolarek (sound, performance audio)

Tunnel (A) - tenement house with a mural of a butterfly (MOTYL UŁ), 21 Sienkiewicza Str., Łódź

Tunnel (B) - the Karol Kretschmer tenement house, No 5 of 6 Sierpnia Str., Łódź

October 2-25, 2020

photography, 53x80 cm photography, 53x80 cm exhibition view exhibiton view live performance